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Size-Based Names


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Sooooo ... I had that "boulder" thread and then the question came up of what size constitutes a boulder. And I don't know!

I've been trying not to say "shooter" for any marble over 3/4". So I opted for "boulder" for the larger ones. But is that right?

A 13/16" marble is too big to be a tournament shooter ... but is it big enough to be a boulder?

What would the right name for it be?

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I found a scale online [...]

13/16" is a #3 on the Akro size scale. 00-6.

[...] Vacor/Mega marbles has their own fairly comprehensive list of sizes. [...]

Are those scalings / lists online? Could you probably provide a link?

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Anything over 3/4 is a boulder to me. Because any marble over 3/4 can not be a shooter(by all the rules of tournament marble play)

Since hardly anyone plays marbles anymore it seems any big marble gets called a shooter

Yeah, that's what I had in mind when I started the boulder thread. Then someone made me think harder about how I felt about calling something a boulder if it was more than 3/4" but less than 7/8".

I found a scale online that goes from "itty bitty" to "whopper." 13/16" fell in the whopper range. Never heard of these. I like "weewee" for 3/8" and smaller peewees

"Whopper" is a fun name.

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