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Marble Stands


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I am trying to find out if any one knows where I can buy the clear acrylic marble stands that hold marbles. I bought a bunch of them a long time ago and still have several medium and large sized ones but can not find any more of the small ones at a decent price. When I do find then they are 3 or 4 for around $5, I know I didn't pay no where near that much for them before looking to get around 50 of them.



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When prices seem out of wack for a particular item, I'll sometimes do one of those

searches on ebay where you get e-mail notifications when new listings come up.

This can take a little patience, but it's very satisfying when you find just what you want.

You might also want to consider some alternatives. Several of us here are very fond of

little bitty soft-rubber plumber's washers. They're very gentle on your marbles, and

don't slide around on surfaces. You can get a lot of these for next to nothing. ( :


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