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Gray-Based Marbles?


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This feels like deja vu. Have I posted this thread before? ;)

I'm holding a Pelt which is probably a Rainbo and it looks gray to me, but then I look more at the base glass at it's a little translucent, so maybe it's not gray ... maybe it's just a light trick. I'll try to get a pic.

But in the meantime ... do you have gray marbles?

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I have gray Rainbos too, mostly translucent, a couple opalescent; one of the Ravenswood type Alan posted (one of my favorites); and this Alley, which looks suspiciously like Galen's bottom one, except the gray looks darker on mine . . .


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These have all been just great!

Might for me be the many years of black and white photography, but grays are particularly interesting and beautiful.

So thanks to all posters, and please keep them coming!

A coincidental half off-topic side note: I've always been under the impression that most U.S. people use the

spelling "gray", and that British and possibly other European folk use "grey".

Earlier today I noticed that many USers use the term "greyed-out", when complaining about a computer program

that for some reason isn't allowing them to use certain 'check-boxes' to make adjustments.

I was even corrected by Google when I tried to use "grayed-out". This is just silly. ( :

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