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Super Cool Bag Of Vitro Cat's Eyes


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The 7/8" shooter marbles in this Vitro bag have squiggly red/orange and yellow ribbons and remind me of those Mega/Vacor marbles that are called Spaghetti? Or Streamers?
I am going to open the bag so I can look at these marbles better 'cause they have a black/brown/dark purple banana shaped core that is very odd yet very exciting.
(Yes - my dreary life has sunk to this level :D )



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It really is in good shape.

Maybe someone else might know the marbles and be able to show us without the bag being opened?

Oooops ... I'm not doing that right!

Open! Open! Open!

(But it really is in nice shape.)

(There I go again.)

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Just want to add that not all of the old bags had a back seam. I have hundreds of vintage cat's eye bags - foreign and domestic - and not all have a seam (for what it's worth).
This particular bag is a very heavy plastic (but I have a very sharp pair of scissors! ) :D.

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Neat bag. The Gladding Vitro bags were between 1969 and 1982 . . .

That's what I meant. Nothing made after1969 is "old" to me! That's the year I should have initially graduated from college, if I had not just wandered off somewhere . . .

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