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Glass, But Not Marble


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Too many years ago, before I had to quit collecting, along with marbles I collected EAPG (Early American Pressed Glass). Mostly creamers, but a few other things tick my fancy. I recently pulled a bunch of boxes out of storage and a couple had my EAPG. Most are clear glass and I really don't have room to display them all, so most will stay in storage. Except for a few.

First two are Greentown Glass Chocolate Glass creamers. The company was in business from 1894 until 1903 when the factory burned down. First creamer pattern is called 'Shuttle' and is mint. Second creamer pattern is 'Cactus' which unfortunately is missing a piece of glass directly over the handle. Not obvious, but definitely not mint.



Third is a Vaseline leaf pattern bowl that I have no information on, other than I only collected late 1800/early 1900 EAPG. But man... Does it light up under black light.


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Doing a bit of research on the last one. No real info yet, but it's probably 'Uranium Glass', not Vaseline. Wrong color. Vaseline kinda looks like it's namesake. I've always called it Vaseline, but apparently that seems to be limited to the U.S. and is not universal. Really contains Uranium usually in oxide diuranate form.

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