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An Old Television Trivioid


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Yeah, I just made that word up.

I guess 'trivium' might actually be correct, although I've never

heard it used. Have to look that up when I'm not feeling lazy.

If you enjoyed the show 'My Three Sons' you undoubtedly remember 'Katie'.

She was sort of a rarity among tv characters, in that she became 'much-loved'

by viewers in spite of being a somewhat 'late addition' to the series.

I've recently been catching up on MTS (told you I was lazy!) episodes that I

missed way back when. The episode I just saw looks to me to be the very

first appearance of Katie. She was a college girlfriend of Rob's, and didn't

even have the same name at the time! 'Brilliant Me' had to check the credits

to make absolutely sure it was the same woman. Sure enough!


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An 8:07 post made while I was finishing my 8:09 one! We did it again! We're kind of freaky sometimes. :blink:

Did not know that. Haven't really thought about 'Dodie' for a long time. For me she was an example of

the traditional 'later episode' television character who didn't quite cut it. But this is probably an unreasonable

thing to say. As a thirteen year old 'man', I wouldn't have liked any 'goofy little girl'! ( :

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Hehe, I kinda sorta vaguely remember her not quite cutting it in My Three Sons either (though she had a three year run).

I was old enough to appreciate the awkwardness of little kids brought onto a show when the regulars got too old to be cute.

But she's three months younger than I am, so she was just my speed.

She and Jodie Foster and Pamelyn Ferdin and Kim Richards and whoever it was who played Tabitha ... oh yeah Erin Murphy ... I was their demographic. :)

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