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I bought a Canon Rebel T5 with a EFS 18-55mm lens on Black Friday. Is this lens ok for shooting marbles....I not a camera buff and hope someone here could advise me on the basic settings or needs to take ok close-ups. I bought it for hiking but hope it could replace my old cybershot I have been using for mibs! thanks, mon

P.S.....who writes these user manuals anymore....or...am I to old to get it?

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The 18-55 lens will be just fine!

When you 'zoom' between 18 and 55, putting the lens right

about 'in the middle' will probably be best for marble photos.

I wouldn't worry about using the camera in 'manual'.

When you use the 'macro' setting, the camera will know you

are taking close-up photos and probably make good adjustments.

So leave everything on 'automatic', have fun, and see what happens!

If there's any need, you can make things more complicated later. ( :

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Alan brought up a real important point.

When you're shooting close-up, a very small change

in the camera-to-marble distance can make a big difference.

But this is already a better than average photo, and Mon got

that nice 'glassy' look a lot of people have trouble with. ( :

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