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Akro Cork? Black And Green Or Yellow [Edit: Peltier Name Question]


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Peltier. National Line Rainbos. Also called NLR's.

With that coloring, I think each would get the additional name of Bumblebee.

Actually, more views please. Definite NLR on the right. Not 100% sure on the left. Pretty sure it's a Peltier. But it might be what we just call a Rainbo, as opposed to a National Line Rainbo.

Do you see aventurine in both of them? (Roll it around in sunlight, or under a nice lamp and see if you see sparkle or shimmer in the ribbons of both.)

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Good deal.

Looks like both NLR's. And I think both Bumblebees even though the yellow bases are different shades.

But I'd still like confirmation about that part -- about them both being Bumblebees even though the shades are different. :)

Oh yes, the paler one, the left one in the first photo, looks like it's a "Broken Cork". That's a nickname for an NLR where the four ribbons connect in a way that you can trace from one end of the first all the way around to the last end of the fourth in one continuous path.

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I still consider them to be in the bee family even though they do have a greenish tint to them. A few of us out west used to call them 'neon bee's, but there is no official name for them that i know of.

They have a UV looking color to them, but do not glow under UV light. Some are more pale than others, i was going to post some additional examples but i'm having difficulties in photobucket at the moment.

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Gotta weigh in on this, and some may have other opinions, and i am talking (only) peltier marbles.

"Wanna Bee"-a custard yellow deep translucent/opaquish base with six black ribbons, some may contain av, note,a darker yellow

"Bumble Bee"-a bright defined bright yellow base with swirls or ribbons of black, some may contain black av

"Neon Bee"- a neon yellow base (deep bright yellow translucent), with black swirls or ribbons of black, some av possible, per Dave

"Bee Lantern"- a regular yellow base with black swirls or ribbons of black av, (NOTE) this example has (ONE) added green ribbon between the black ribbons, some black ribbons may contain av

"Manderine or Poisen Bee"-a regular yellow base with black ribbons tracered with orange, some may have black av.

"Honey Bee"- a transparent amber or (green?) base with internal ribbons of yellow.

These are a few that i can think of for now, but can add to this after digging out my descriptive list i have compiled. Chuck G--

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Dave, thank you so much, now collectors do have an idea of whats being talked about and great photos to show them. These threads and discussions sure help to bring the west towards the east with great conclusions that are close to being the same. For me this is so much fun and i still learn from the forums. Great pelts and great photos. Chuck G--

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