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Overview, Plus Five Marbles


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Thank you for the fast reply and help! in this thread and the other :)

I feel very weird making new posts for each 4 or 5 marbles I am curious about as I do have quite a fair amount but with each identification made I am able to remove a few more outside of what have been posted because there are a few doubles.

If it's alright I am going to post another 5 marbles in this post but if it is better I will gladly create a new thread (Just don't want to clutter up the forum)

I also took 2 quick photo's of the box of marbles but I'm not going to ask anyone to name all of them in the box or even any because that would be difficult to do and have everyone on the same page, that is unless you see something mindboggling and I will glady take some pictures of it/them . There were a couple hand made larger marbles like the fellow in the center but he was soooo dinged up that he would need a major restoration, A few clay marbles also.

On too the Marbles! None are reactive to black light
1 16.25 mm so closer to 41/64''
2 16mm so about 5/8"
3 16mm so about 5/8" kind of neat little guy the top 3 photo's are without a light underneath while the last 6 have a light shining though. Quite dark base colour
more of an extremely light blue when lit from under... maybe a patch?
4 15.6mm a touch under 5/8" and with a lot of bubbles on the inside and even I think firebrick or something? (white line of something solid seen in second shot of the collage photo) I think the ends are at the top right and bottom left also in the same shot mentioned previously with a very small almost U shaped end seen in the seconds larger individual photograph
5 from 16.37mm to 16.6mm so from 41/64" to 21/32"


Thank you all again for the help!

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:) I split your post off into a new thread.

It gets really complicated to add more groups to a post after the initial group. :)

Hard to keep track of which set is being discussed. :)

#1 and #2 are Akro Corkscrews.

#1 is sometimes called an Akro Special (three-color opaque corkscrew). I call it a Tri-Color Agate, because that's what Akro called it.

#2 is a Prize Name. (two-color opaque corkscrew)

#3 and #4 are Peltier Rainbos.

#4 is also called a Peltier Sunset.

I think that #5 is a Christensen Agate.

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