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No Recent Squabbles!

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The last message that was done here happened a long time ago.

And it was the last of several 'positive' messages where in the worst case

scenario people were friends who were willing to 'agree to disagree'.

To be perfectly honest, I just got tired of seeing the same 'printed letters' in

that particular column for so long now when 'tuning in' to TMC.

I felt like posting 'anything' to get rid of it, silly as that might sound.

But then it hit me that there was something going on here that was more

significant than my 'neurotic' reaction to seeing that same 'title' every day.

The title hadn't changed because there'd been no recent arguments 'serious'

enough to belong in that particular forum! What a wonderful thing!

And the time period involved here was the 'holiday season'! When it's traditionally

'expected' and 'later forgiven' that people sometimes get a little 'hostile' for various reasons.

A 'silver lining' situation. I like it. ( :

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Bob thinks it's nice and I think it is boring(lol) of course I have always enjoyed a good heated argument, but they really have to be with someone that can also argue loud and hard and still smile and say thanks afterwords, and there do not seem to be too many of those folks collecting marbles any more.

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This is probably unnecessary and going to sound stupid, but for the sake of

full-disclosure and the ever-present fear that I might say or do things that could

be misinterpreted (a reasonable neurosis for someone who frequently talks

gibberish) I'll say it anyway.

I don't think I ever read this particular squabble. Still haven't. I don't look at many

of them. I guess I looked at the last few posts to make sure that my new post

'opening' would have a reasonable flow to it.

But the reference to Griff and Galen had nothing to do with content. It was just

the same thing I've been goofing about with Ann. They too were part of the

names and words I just got tired of seeing day after day in the main subject line. ( :

Fella! Dang it! Some part of me knew that 'what's it to ya?' would have been

better than 'to you'. :D

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I was just referencing the new lack of squabbles, although it does seem to be a direct result of me not saying anything disparaging about The new run marbles which are just the most beautiful well made non vintage mimicing boon to marble collecting that has come along in years.

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I understand how you felt kbobam about seeing the same post.  When my Weldon died, it seemed to be ages to me that the first post about someone lost from the marble world was right there on top.  I got tired of being reminded of his death and I did a post that removed it from the top.  Weldon died in July 2010 and that post was still on top Jan 2, 2011.

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