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Darkest Purple...


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Two stripes?

My guess on this one as a standalone marble might have been foreign. I might have guessed a little newer on this one as I would have with the cat eye. But I can't swear to have ever seen another one like it. It reminds me most of a couple of mystery marbles in my own collection which I never pinned down. At least one of mine had a very dark brown base, if I recall correctly.

Do you have any others like it?

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Here you go...

First of all, there are actually TWO stripes.

I pulled out the ones that are potentially as dark or similar.

I took the liberty of "over exposing" the others just to see how dark they are... the ones on the left are more purple with more stripes (tho you don't always see them). The ones on the right (just one swath of white) ARE truly dark dark.

And the original is as dark as possible... even overexposing doesn't bring out the purple except right next to the white... maybe it is black?


Too purple (but the naked eye looks super dark). Overexposed to bring out the color:


Naked eye:


These are as dark, but NOT the same type... I know THAT much... LOL.


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In the group of five, I think slags on the left ones.

The right ones are "patches", but what kind. I think they are Akro.

The middle is different. It's pretty glossy -- could get some more votes for being newer. But basically I can't remember for sure ever seeing one like that.

I do see the purple on the edge of the white here: http://www.carolinefentonphotography.com/Albums/FENTON-MARBLES/i-cHcC26K

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That link didn't give the the actual photo... ? Weird... anyway...

I might think, if it IS slag... keep in mind St Marys was in the middle of glass and slag... who know... there may haven been just a lot of stuff "in the market' and on the streets that never got recorded.

On a side note... I remember as a kid going to "outlet" stores for glass in and around St Marys and "over the river." There were always "seconds." And I think that is how I acquired a large set of cobalt dinner plates, water goblets, and small wine glasses from Viking glass.

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Huh, weird ... link isn't working for me either.

Okay ... I took a space out of the link. Maybe it will work now.

Anyway, I was looking at the first picture in post #3. Shiny picture of just the marble in question. No extras in the picture.

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What puzzles me... and I will never know the answer probably... is... DID my grandfather add any marbles late (newer modern marbles). I just can't imagine he did because my father (OMG he was so in love with his son, my dad) went off to college, to war, and then got married... etc. My grandfather was a county clerk, and involved in politics and, as I mentioned died (of a heart attack I think) in the early 1950s. There are many collections that I think could possibly overlap with my great grandfather... cigarette cards (from birds to costumes to.. yes, baseball)... arrowheads... and "buttons" (from the same kind of product buttons to political to .. one... shirley temple). It "seems" as if these collections range from late 1800s to about 1920s. And THAT also includes the photographic works of my great grandfather.

I wish I knew more ... it is a lovely puzzle... and once I can sit down with other letters and written things maybe I can discover even more...

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Is that a single ribbon of white on the shinier one? Does it try to cork around the marble at all? I recently had a black and white akro corkscrew that looked similar, but I would have to see more angles to be sure

There are actually two white ribbons. There is another angle or two in the links...

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