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Multi-Colored Ribbons


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Are we sure it's Master?

If it is, that's such a keeper, Caroline.

And if it's not, it's still a keeper.

Could it possibly be a muted Sparkler?

White, green, tan, yellow, pale blue, orange, in a crystal clear base? (Do I see a dark brown also?)

That's a just plain amazing marble.

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I think I would have to say clear base.

I remember a ways back asking some "marble dude" about my marbles. He said I had some good ones, but most were ordinary. Now I get that... when you look on ebay most marbles at a buck or two max... costs more to ship, right?

Some day... I PROMISE... I will allow my collection to go to a home I know will appreciate them. I have no kids to leave them to... no nieces or nephews who even know what a marble is but for to hold up maybe flowers in a vase (right?)... I won't need the thousands of dollars my collection will garner (SARCASM)... I will just want them to be held and loved as I am now doing....

I truly appreciate the help and interest I have found here.

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