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Anything Of Value (1 Of 3)


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I have about 720 total marbles About 230 are NOT solids, transparent and cat-eyes I took photos of 3 subsets and took photos of each. I am looking to sell these but don't know if there is anything of real value here. I don't want to be taken advantage of. Would you tell me if there are ones that deserve closer look?

I am posting in 3 separate posts.


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You're welcome.

Separate comments on each.

You could list all three lots and you might get some competition from people who really like one lot and would like to add the other lots to take advantage of combined shipping rates.

Do remember that they're glass when you ship! Try to pack them so that they're not rattling around. (Just snug, not grinding.) At also provide a nice layer of cushion between the marbles and the sides of the box, to protect from impact from the outside. :thup:

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