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Back After Remembering My Login Info With 3 New... Old Marbles!


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Greetings again! Just picked up what I think are some pretty interesting marbles as well as a few what I'm hopping are hand made lattice early marbles which I will make a separate thread for! these marbles below were purchased from an older antique dealer who told me they were from an estate.

I believe I know what the first one is sort of however I am curious as to if it is identifiable to a certain maker?
I believe it is a Purple/Violet Cat Eye Hybrid as it has different colours of purple as well as defined white lines also on the ribbons. I am going to try to include a video at the bottom of the purple. It measures exactly .675 inches which is between 43/64 and 11/16
It is quite bubbly and also has some firebrick in it most noticeably on some of the ribbons. Clear base glass, no hint of any colour

2. red white swirl with small black specks that are under the surface of the glass only in the red areas measures .687 inches 11/16 very small "divot" visible in the top middle and top left of the collage image.

3. Really neat looking marble the white isn't as bright as number 2. has red as well as orange striping and measures .672 inches so almost exactly 43/64. I tried to show the end as best as I could. CAC maybe?

View My Video

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Hi again. :)

Gonna move this to the main forum because those are unusual enough.

I definitely want Winnie to see that cat eye. (Winnie, the picture and the video.) I think that's an early German cat eye.

And the reds look to me like nice transitionals. So I want our folks who are good with transitionals to check out the pontils and cutlines and weigh in.

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That cat's eye reminds me of the German cat's eye on top of this pic-,but it's a different color,

I have them also in purple,the purple of my German cat's is darker.

It's common for these cat's to have firebrick on the vanes.


The red/white transitionals,I think are Japanese,although some people would call it German.

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Interesting! all of these above marbles came in the same container that the what I hope are some early handmade marbles came from so if the consensus is that these are German it might lend some credence to the hand mades being German (maybe )

here is a video I took of the purple marble on its side so you can get a better look at the ends
Purple On It's Side

here is a video of the second marble
Red Second Marble

here is a video of the last marble
Last Marble

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