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This is actually a fairly close-up shot, but it kind of cracked me up how

similar it looks to some of the terrific 'out of this world' photos that Ann posts.  ( :

(Are you fricking kidding me?  We can't 'preview' our posts now?)


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Thanks, Ric.  And that's a pretty obscure word.  How did you know I was fluent in Czechoslovakian?  :P

So I get your point overall, but let me explain my particular personal beef, which I admit

isn't the biggest deal in the world.  (And I continue to hate these 'spaced' individual lines.  I'd much

rather have the ability to choose to keep the lines together, and use a space to separate paragraphs.)  

Since I use Photobucket for posting pictures here, it's important for me to see how the photo is going

to look, rather than just seeing my pasted link.  If the photo doesn't look 'right' for one of several

reasons that frequently come up, the preview allows me to take all the time I need to correct it before

actually committing to the post.  As things are now, I'd have to make the post, see that it's a post I

didn't want to make, and suddenly be 'under the gun/stopwatch' to correct it in a hurry before

anyone sees it.  Which couldn't be done in practice, since editing and/or re-sizing a photo along

with re-uploading it to 'the bucket' and re-posting it here is a long painful process for me.

My high blood pressure condition and highly neurotic personality aren't up to this situation!  :lol:


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Bob, When I post a "direct" photobucket link into the input area and press return, the image shows up. Then I can add more text or whatever before posting. Maybe it's a browser thing - I use Firefox.

And I do remember when WYS was not WYG - yeah, I guess I'm not exactly young anymore.

As for spacing . . . just type, type, type until you want a new paragraph and then hit 'enter' to add a line between them.

Are you still running CP/M-80 or something? lol.

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