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Handmade, unusual colours?


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It's pretty unusual in my book.


In my experience, the yellow of a yellow-core marble is a little duller, more mustard-colored.  This looks like the filling for a lemon meringue pie (yum!)

And I'm more accustomed to seeing single-thread red stripes on one, although I do have one with single-thread green stripes.  I think I only have one yellow-core marble that has wider stripes like those white ones on the lemon meringue -- and those are an odd mostly transparent pink.

The sparseness of the outer threads plays up both the color and the construction of the core.

I like them.


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On ‎2‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 5:38 PM, ann said:

This looks like the filling for a lemon meringue pie (yum!)

Excellent color description :) 

And I agree about the color being unusual!

In that second photo, the comparison photo, it looks almost like the base glass is a very light blue. Very nice marbles.

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Hi everyone, Ann, the Lemon meringue is a little translucent, in that you get a hum of light through, if that makes sense?, Disco, I didn't even notice the blue tinge, ha ha, I was too involved with the core☺️.Although there is a slight blue tint, I think it's just slightly later glass, with more clarity?

Does anyone know of any old handmades containing Uranium?, not to say it does, I've lost my black light in the house move, just a general question really?, I found a picture on the interweb of 2 swirls but the base glass glowed, it didn't mention weather they were old or modern.

Edit:-I found a couple of threads on this, so I guess there is old handmades with glowing base glass, but how about cores?

^^^^^^Oh....why would someone offer to buy a marble, I then ask the said person how much they would offer for said marble, only to not get a reply?, a tad strange I'd say?

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