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Very Happy that Mom is Back


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North Dakota kicks butt in terms of United States wind power production.
(Which of course is very cool.)

So it's only natural that your little bitty light weight hummingbirds wind up
getting blown into neighboring states before you get a chance to see them.  :lol:

ManofKent's link will be appreciated by those who liked the 'big moth'
topic we had a long time ago.  Although I don't think the moths we saw
there were quite as quick.  

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The article about hummingbirds and hawk moths is very interesting. Thanks Manokent.  I woild love to see one.

Another interesting thing is that when geese migrate from the lower 48 north, some all the way into the arctic. Hummingbirds migrate with them by hitching a ride on there backs. Lol, wonder if they have to go thru security before they let them on??

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