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Group 5


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Nice mix here :thup: 

Row 1:  not sure with that view, West Virginia swirl, this view looks like an Akro corkscrew, antique German handmade


Row 2:  this view looks like a Peltier NLR known as a Spiderman,  could be an Akro Royal, Alley from this view, this view looks like another German handmade


Row 3:  German handmade (I think this one is known as an Indian but I'm not good with handmade names), this view makes me think Peltier Rainbo, not sure, Cat's Eye  


That cat's eye looks like it could be a good one.  Would like more views of it.  Most cat's eyes aren't considered collectible, but some patterns are.  This might be one of those.

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