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Yes, cat's eyes.

Not sure what to make of the reddish one on the front left.  

The yellow one in the front middle and red/orange one in the back --  the ones with the light green tint -- are likely Asian.

The yellow in back, blue in the middle and all three on the right edge are usually what people think of when they say "bananas".  (The Asian ones aren't as valuable and it's not easy for me to call them bananas.)  Those five were made by Peltier or Master.  I'm pretty sure the black/purple is Master.  I suspect the blue is Master.  I'd guess Peltier for the yellow and red.  And I don't know which way to guess for the green.  If you list them in a bananas group, it's probably not that important to figure out which are Pelt and which aren't.  Those five are all good American-made bananas.


Nooowwww  .... that dark green base one on the far left ... am I seeing it right? Is that base glass dark green?  Or is that some dark green ribbon which is making a lighter base look dark?  If that's a dark green base, that's kind of cool, and different, and I'm not sure I've ever seen one.  That might attract some attention in a standalone auction. 

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Hey Steph. Thanks again for the help. The marble you were asking about does have a darker greenish base. That's actually something I've been wondering about. Why do some of the clear marbles have different tinted base colors? Is that usually on purpose or is it just a by-product of the production process? Are there some base colors that have more value than others? Maybe I should have put this in another forum category. Thanks for your input.

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The two light green ones are said to be made with coke bottle glass.

And that might be true.  Some cheap and/or recycled glass.

Wouldn't say there's a hard and fast rule about some base glass being more valuable.  But in any given category, different ones may be more rare and thus more valuable.


Clear or nearly clear is the most common for these marbles where the selling point are the vanes or bananas inside.  The coke bottle green counts as basically clear but it's meh. 

Crystal clear is nice -- but a crystal clear Pelt will likely be more valuable than a crystal clear Vacor.  

So then we come to the more unusual tints.  I'm not sure why they sometimes were made.  But I guess they didn't catch on.

I sold some cat's eyes for higher values when they had peachy base glass.

A windex blue can bring more money in a cat's eye.  

The golden based bananas here -- http://marbleconnection.com/topic/21345-peltier-honey-amber-bananas -- might be considered priceless since few are known to exist and even fewer are available for sale. I'm lucky to have one -- a gift from Joe.

The dark green ... I don't know about that one ... you might wanna list it for $10 or more and see if there are any takers.  Can always come down. 



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