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What can you tell me about these? Are they made by the same maker? What is a value range on them? I am getting ready to do something with all these marbles. I don't know the best venue to try and sale them, having never done this before. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a lot more pictures to take. Thanks for all the help.




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Bottom middle and top right are not flames. I mention those first because are the easiest to knock out. 

The top middle is iffy. In the last view it looks a little flamy but to me it doesn't quite come together.


The bottom left is positively a flame. 

And the middle row all look like flames to me.  And I wouldn't call the marble police if you called the bottom right a flame.

Different makers though.


The top left doesn't look like a flame to me, but it might be one of the better marbles in the group.  [Galen? @lstmmrbls  Is that a Christensen Bloody?]    Jay, what happens when you look at that one under blacklight?

Jay, I see why you would want it to be a flame, because it has two "flame tips", but to be a flame more are generally required.  I have seen long discussions about how many.  Personally I'd say at least 4 tips in a single view or it doesn't count.  


As white as the bottom middle is, I wonder if it is also a Christensen.  

The bottom left is making me wonder if it is Christensen.  Because of the colors and the shape of the flame tips.  The second choice is Alley., because I'm not sure if the colors are crisp enough to be CAC.


On the middle left, I'm leaning Ravenswood, but could be Alley.  For the other two on the middle row and the top right, I'm leaning Alley.  The right one is making me a little hopefully that it might be Christensen, but the white isn't very bright so I'm not banking on it. 


For the greens, I'd just say West Virginia Swirls and not try to guess a company -- I can't get to my swirl boxes at the moment for a reminder -- but someone else might recognize them.  




Ha! That's a lot of words.  So, in closing:  

 If that top left is an honest-to-gosh CAC Bloody it's not easy to come by.  Lots of people claim to have Bloodies when they don't.  But I think you might have one.  The bottom left is a nice flame, whoever made it.  The bottom middle is so white it look Chrissy, but definitely not a flame. And for a flame, I think you need at least four tips close enough together to get a good photo. 


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I was hoping that the white base would have a uranium glow.

That's a famous trait of Christensen Bloodies.  But they don't _have_ to glow.  I remember once it was said that about 50% have a glowing base.  


Galen (lstmmrbls) is a CAC guy.  I'm encouraged by his post. 

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