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Any luck yardsale-ing or antiquing?


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 Don't think this one ever got any use. If you try to put the cue together it would be so tight there would be no way to get it apart again. I managed to get it half way before it was stuck. The tip of the cue has fallen off but is still there. The "spot" ball is I guess the little white agate. It is not round but I'll be damned if I can see any true facets. The is one area where a light  reflection shifts a little, but no defined facets I can see. Marbles measure 1/2" or a tad under. The spot ball is 7/16".





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Went to Shanty Days festivities in Algoma, Wisconsin, and here's some of my loot.  In the parade in addition to the candy, they also tossed out string cheese and ice cream sundae cups.  That's Wisconsin for ya!   Got the bumblebees at an antique store.  Was like a sip at an oasis in the middle of a desert. :)  



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Lol. I did a search for them as well and didn't come up with too much. My I.D comes from the "Old Boys Club" as I have dubbed them.  A group of old guys my dad plunks down with to have a coffee with after each pick. Instant and unanimous I.D on it. I was even corrected on the hand painted  aspect since I thought it was a transfer. Who am I to argue with 150+ years of combined antique knowledge?  These old dudes know their stuff.

A few I salvaged out of a dirty old bag yesterday.  


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 The best part of the old boys is that there are 4 to 5 sets of extra eyes on the field looking for marbles for me.  I have taught them quite a bit so if they see a deal they will grab it up for me and charge me no more than £20 on top of what they paid. Even if they know they know they are worth much much more. Or if they see some that they do not know about they will point me in the direction of where they are so I can take a peek. Plus I get to see and learn about some pretty awesome historical antiquities sitting on a 4'x4' coffee stained plastic fold-up table beside a coffee truck. Antiques Roadshow can suck it!

 The rest of the bag was about 90 or so deteriorating clay marble. Hence the dirty part, and what is in the pic below. I might try and have the Onion saved since it is a nice one. Bummer about the 4 blue Single Pontils. Thankfully the Ox and purple one is not  as rough. I do like the chunky Mica the best since I have never owned one with such a chunk in it before.



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