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Oxbloods... show me some please

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This one is mostly oxblood - so much so that's got blowouts galore, but I love it in spite of the as-mades. It's one of the old German "Leighton' types, just over an inch, in mint shape but heavily cratered because of the glass problems. Please forgive the pic - this wasn't taken for publication, but since you asked, Mikie...

Oxblood 'Leighton' German.jpg

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On 9/3/2017 at 3:18 PM, VTAndrea said:

Finally, here's a photo of a VERY old Leighton type I found at a flea market (never have found anything even close at a flea market!) that was very damaged, but the gorgeous colors and "9" are incredible.  I sold it quite a long time ago. And last, here are a couple Vitros with oxblood V's, not so hard to find but cool nonetheless.



This is an awesome looking marble, damage and all.  Thanks for posting it again. 

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3 hours ago, Royal3 said:

From the sublime to the ridiculous; a pair and then a, well, a pair...my Siamese oddity from an Akro dig, courtesy of Roger Hardy.




scramble me a couple of those .....  wow on these examples ... bill

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WOW... what a bunch of great marbles!! 

I must say those trays are really nice too! Really works of art! Now seeing the pieces other than marbles makes me want to get out there and find me some.

I have really enjoyed seeing all the oxblood! Y'all got more?



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