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New to marbles - please help me ID

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Hi there,

I recently became excited about collecting marbles and bought a couple small lots. These ones were seemed more interesting than some of the others, and more challenging for me to ID, so I thought I would ask for some help here. Thanks in advance for your help! :rolleyes: - Jacob


1. 19/32" 

2. 5/8" (not completely spherical)

3. 9/16"

4. 21/32

5. 5/8"

6. 19/32"

7. 3/4"

8. 9/16"

9. 5/8"

10. 5/8"

11. 3/4"

12. 19/32"

13. 19/32"

14. 21/32"

15. 19/32"

I measured with a tape and crescent wrench so my measurements might not be perfect.


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Hi Jacob, welcome.

Looks like you have a  mix of new and old. 

For ID-ing I like to see the seams of a marble, if the marble has seams.  We used to have a seam tutorial.  I accidentally deleted it.  I need to redo  that.  Putting it on my list now.   (In #1, the first view is part of the seam.)

I think #1 will turn out to be a hybrid Vitro All-Red.  From the 1960's.

#10 might turn out to be Akro.  From the 1940's.  

#11 is interesting.  I'd like to see more of the ends of the blue patch.  It does look vintage.  

#4 and #5 look almost like Akro corkscrews, from the 1930's, but I suspect they will turn out to be Jabos, from after 1990.  

#2 might be a West Virginia swirl, but I think it will also turn out to be a Jabo.


I think Jabo on #6, 9, 12, 13.  Maybe others, such as #7 and #14.


I think WV Swirl on #3.  (Say, 1930's through 1950's.)

#8 might be a modern marble from Asia.  

#15 looks like it will turn out to be vintage. More views needed. 

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Thanks so much Steph for the quick response! I had a fantasy that it would be easy to ID marbles, clearly that isn't the case. I'll be better about taking pictures of the seams in the future. 

What are some of the telltale signs of Jabo marbles? Are there any good resources you can point me to?

Here are more pictures of #11:


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#11 now looks like a Vitro.  Maybe from the 1950's.

#15 now looks Asian.  An uncommon version of the marble style that we call Imperial.  I don't have a guess for the decade.  Good odds it's after 1970, but I don't know.  

Jabos often have a U-shaped swirl.  

Here are some sample pix of Jabos -- at a good reference site:

http://joemarbles.com/1Marble Picture Pages/10Jabo/Jabo 001/Jabo, Inc. 1.htm

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MrM, I'm with you, I thought it would be easy to ID them as well.  I bought books, searched and searched online and I still can't id them correctly.  I tend to look at the color rather than the pattern I think... anyway, I am grateful to have these experts among us!

Pam in KC

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