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Hello from SW Michigan

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i geuss i can show what got me hooked on marbles...i have a friend with an old building that was a dry cleaners back in the day and we were walking through it one day..first pic.and ran across a vase with marbles in it..second pic..so i brought it home and started to investigate who,what and where..i did not know marbles were more then just marbles as i always thought.now i'm only 49 and maybe played with marbles once that i can remember unless they were in a board game,so i asked if i could poke around some more and found this rusted up cookie can stuck to an old hat,and hat came with me since marbles were falling out of the rusted out bottom of said cookie can pic 3 and 4.someone converted part of it into living space and i geuees the guy had kids all boys so marbles are everywhere i found marble in pic 5 at the bottom of a trash can...and the hunt continues.....






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damn my pics got moved in order compared to when i uploaded them...sorry about that,they are reversed...5 is 1 and 1 is 5 yadda yadda

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Been so long since I found marbles "in the wild".  

That's the dream!

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