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Beautiful Handmades

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These are some handmades that I acquired recently. I don’t know much about them. I just know they are beautiful!😍 any help about date, maker or value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Pretty :)  

I don't think we could narrow down a maker.  I think it was something of a cottage industry in Germany. Some biggish manufacturers, but I think a lot of small ones also.  

I'll estimate between 1850 and 1930, for starters.  Someone else might be able to narrow it down based on colors or styles.  

I'll also leave names and values to someone else!  I enjoy the handmades ... but I don't know them well.  

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 Handmades can generally be dated by two factors. First is the colour pallet used. It can take a little study but once you have it in your head you can see it. Second is the type of pontil of witch there are 3 types. Early handmades were for lack of a better word "finished" meaning they spent the time and effort to remove as much of the pontil as they could. This was called faceting, and if you look at a good early handmade the pontil may not even be visible without magnification. Also there will be only a single pontil, the top would have been rounded prior to snipping off the cane. These were done from approx 1860-1890 as best we know. I refer to this type as "early period" Handmades. The next type of pontil are like the two bigger ones in your pic. They would have been snipped and half ass cleaned up. Most commonly by melting the pontil down. I can only see the pontil on one of yours but colours are of the same pallet so I assume the pontils should match. This was done from 1890-1920 as best we know. These I call "mid period" marbles. The last type of pontils are like your smaller one. Totally half assed, rush them out the door unfinished. Sometimes they will have the single cruddy pontil. Quite often they will have two. These I call "late period" marbles made from the 1920's until they stopped making handmades ??? There is a great difference in the colours of the later marbles compared to the early ones. Generally the colours are brighter and more vibrant than the early ones making them quite sought after despite being made much later. Nice early period marbles still seem to get the most £££'s or for you North Americans $$$'s on average.

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