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And then there were eleven

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Orange is pretty rare feathered...fluorescent green (which i think is a variant of vaseline) is now safely known to be made by Christensen and Peltier is the newest.  Rarest probably gray, not sure what else to call it...it's gray to the eye and backlights a very pale aqua.  Given the range found elsewhere I suspect teal does exist but would also be quite rare.  Others I'm not so sure, but Pelts have a wider range than thought.

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Those are gorgeous !

And now I'm curious, is that second marble in the top row of your photo a fluorescent green?

In my photo below, it looks like the bottom three might be fluorescent green, but is it just because there is more white in mine?

Curious, I have a few slags, but know very little about them.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful slag marbles :) 


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It's a color that is UV sensitive and turns bright green under a blacklight the same as Vaseline glass.  I have a theory it's some kind of manufacturing defect in the batch and is probably supposed to be yellow but was a happy accident

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