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Reviews of Wooden marble systems suitable for older child?

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Has anyone got any experience with any of the wooden systems?

Cubaro looks the most advanced but seems to be a)difficult to obtain at the moment b ) incredibly expensive

Kaden looks reasonable, but it looks like it uses larger marbles

Varis looks reasonably priced, but a bit too colourful

Any experience / thoughts / alternatives?

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Hi ManofKent,

my only experience with wooden systems is with the HABA one. I do not know about availability or pricing in the UK.


My experience is that the kids build a little, let the marbles run and after a while the wooden elements at the corners fall off their positions because of the marbles inertia. The plastic clamps offered are somewhat cumbersome and in most places me wants to attach them they do not work.

The HABA sets dedicated to smaller children (Kullerbü - https://www.haba.de/en_GB/toys/toys/ball-track/ball-track-kullerbue/c/o4qg87)  have some pins and notches to get at least the tracks staying in place. But those are not easily combined with the sets for the older kids.

(To select another country and / or another language you need to scroll down to the bottom of the linked page. The language and the country are set independent of each other, start with the language in the right hand bubble.)


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