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Iding Acme Realers From Pictures

How many Peltier Acme Realers are in this picture?  

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  1. 1. How many Peltier Acme Realers are in this picture?

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very good question, ILM! :D

one of the best and most well-known sources of peltier history/marble information is Ottawa resident, Gino Biffany. he's pictured in Castle & Peterson's book on machine made marbles with a large board he made. on the board are numerous examples of many different styles of peltier marbles, including some labeled acme realers.

gino had originally - and mistakenly - believed that Acme Realers were opalescent baseballs. he later found out that they are actually opalescent peerless patches. he has since tried to correct the information at every opportunity. i believe block has been notified of the misinformation (i think i even posted this on block's board once), but apparently he (block) only sees fit to update the price info in his books.

funny, too, because block's Marble Mania pictures a box of acme realers, and you can faintly see it printed on the box cover (upside down) on p.118

here are some pictures Gino printed and shared

(notice not ALL the patches are S-shaped)



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I wonder..... If you were to look through any random box (I'd have to assume that this particular box has been checked out....) how many moss agates you might find???

This is a perfect sort of example for what I mentioned in some post a while back....

Finding marbles in a complete original box doesn't always mean that they are original....

Not that many years ago, the box, not so much the marbles in it.... Was the thing of value.... For a dealer, or even a collector to find an incomplete box and complete it with marbles that looked like they belonged, was not considered an issue....

The similarities between these 2 types makes it the perfect suspect for that sort of thing... So, in buying a complete box... If your thinking about price, based on the value of the content, check the content out, thoroughly and make no assumptions.....

In a case like this, it might even be difficult to blame a seller for such an error (Depending on who it is.....)

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These are two Acme Realers that I have. The first pic was taken with a flash and I had a dificult time getting a clear pic without the flash to show the opal glow when they are place in natural light. I never knew about the other characteristics of the serpentine shape of the patch before, but it definitely applies here too.

Thanks Chris for the informative thread and clearing up some misinformation on them.




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i'm grateful to be able to help :D

while the patch shape on peltiers is most usually "squiggly", it's not rare to find ones that have 'clean' edges - check out the variation in the box pictured above...


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Hey Chris, between this thread and a question about "What was it that was said, way back when we discussed this before....??" back in another thread (Was it the exotics?) You've inspired a new forum to be added to the board....

The Archive Forum will be a place where all great and informative threads go, to be referenced, later!!!

As soon as I get a chance, I'll go back and start moving old threads into it... I figured, I'd use the third page as a cut off.... Once an informative thread has moved on to the third page, it should be archived.... (I've marked this one with the arrow, indicating that it will be moved later...)

I'm wondering if I should close the thread??? (When they are moved to the Archive) I can always re-open it if new info should be added.... But, once archived, it seems like they should no longer be an open forum??? That way, any additional questions, or info would be brought up in a current thread, with the old thread referred to.... If the new thread should be archived, they can be merged.....

OK, I'm running off on a tangent.... We'll work it out as it goes!!!

Until I get a chance to go back and file, if anyone has a "favorite thread" that they found very informative, send me a link.... ;)


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