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Is this Bulgarian?


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Just browsing through the so-called Christensens on ebay recently and saw this one.  It's attractive, but certainly not CAC unless there are still some guinea types I haven't seen.  Is it a Bulgarian mib?


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Doesn't look like the frit ones they usually have.  Colors aren't as distinct and don't have margins that clean.

I'd also point out it looks like whatever it is, it was possibly polished.  The air pop looks to have clean edges and the color blobs look like they feather.  Combined with an overall unusually uniform surface...

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My opinion:

1) Contemporary.

2) Polished down to remove one or all these: signature, boil bubbles on edges of the spots, out of roundness, rough surface or punty marks.

In the photos, there appears to be a slight twist and a definable North and South Pole.

As with any opinion, YMMV.


South Pole



North Pole



Revised opinion on "North Pole":

I think there was a faux cut-line at the North Pole.  There is a "straight" feature, plus a parallel "shadow" just above.

That "shadow" is what happens when the glass comes into contact with the scissors (or shear).

North Pole (Revised)


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