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Jappenies cat eyes


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Are they actually selling at $25?  

I think the most I've sold one for was about $15 ... it was a 1" aventurine.  I wish I had it back!  


I wouldn't be shocked to see a three-way cross-through with bright colors and no white go for a few bucks ... 


But most Japanese cats eyes would be down in the few cents range if you could find a buyer.   Pattern matters a lot.  Maybe someone else will share thoughts or pictures on the most valuable Japanese cats.  I might be able to find some pix tomorrow.  But gotta say  goodnight for now .... 


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Here is an example Winnie posted of six-vane cat's eyes with what we call cross-throughs.  The bottom left one is a clean example of one with all three colors crossing through and no white, which could be the most valuable of the lot.  But what would the market value be?  I do not know. 




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