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So many JABOs


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Good friends of mine gave me two large boxes of JABOs. One box shooters and the other has normal(5/8”) marbles. I was hoping to get some more info about them because I do plan on selling. Thanks!7F06AF95-FFAB-43CA-A2FF-D23720C840FB.jpeg.00b287233b7069a6997a0cc5cd038911.jpeg

Shooters ⬆️⬇️




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9 hours ago, ManofKent said:

They look like Classics rather than the investor runs - 1993-2007 ish. Identifying the different classic runs isn't easy. Some are pictured on the WVMC site.

Thanks for the heads up. I believe some of the shooters are from the Discovery Channel “How it’s Made”. The people that gave them to me said something about Westmoreland Glass? 

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