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Huge Marble Collection

john ireland

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Hi Guys,my name is John.Thanks for adding me.I  got this huge collection from a storage unit that the family could not pay for.They told me the grandfather collected these his whole life and was appraised at $10,000 several years ago.I know nothing about marbles and was hoping some of you could give me an idea on how to identify some of the more sought after marbles and maybe what a collection like this may be worth


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Hi.  Welcome.

If you could hook up with a collector in your area, that would be most educational.

You could empty one jar at a time and give us a group shot and we could maybe give you an idea of whether we're looking at old and/or valuable marbles.  Be careful when you do empty the jars.  Don't slosh them around a lot or shake them out of the jars.  Condition is vital when it comes to value.  One nick could reduce a marble's value by half.  

(It's best to start a new thread for each group.  Also, small groups are preferred, but biggish groups are okay for giving us a general idea of what we're working with.)

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