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Mr Meteorite

Peltier, Yellow/gold base with 2 red ribbons

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I know this is a Peltier, however I'm not sure what type of pelt it is.

Could it be a red angel, red bee, red ruby, common NLR?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Best wishes,

Joe K

Mr. Meteorite





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Hello, Joe.  Welcome.

That is a Pelt Rainbo.  Not NLR.  I'm not aware that it generally goes by a special name.  Once -- more than 10 years ago -- when I first started collecting -- I heard someone call it something like a Golden Bloodie. I can't recall hearing anyone but myself say that name since.  

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It would be highly unusual for this one to have aventurine.  I don't see any but it may be the pictures ? Many times small bubbles fool people thinking they are aventurine. Some Pelt Rainbo's contain aventurine but the numbers are small compared to the numbers of Rainbo's produced.  Collectors are seeking out any Rainbow's with aventurine. If they are in nm+ to mint. 

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