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Worth the money?

Mr Meteorite

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Are these worth $20 and an hour drive each direction?

If I see what I think I see it's very well worth it, I think I see a few that make it worth it...... I think

What do you think?

Every 2 pics are top/bottom of same view of the jar.







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Quick answer is no, they are probably not worth it. I think all are rather common, and any member on this site could probably put together a better batch of common marbles for you for $20. Save your money, and keep on the hunt. The marbles are certainly out there to find

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That depends on your free time, and funds. Also how many antique stores are along the way🤔.

getting started will leave you shaking your head 10years later when you look back and wonder why you bought all those common marbles.

i sold 2 5 gallon buckets a few years back at a local show to someone looking to occupy their time and learn the hobby.

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