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2018 Des Moines Marble Show - Recap

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The 2018 Des Moines Marble Show was officially held on Saturday, June 2nd from 9:00AM to 2:00PM at the Holiday Inn Airport in Des Moines, Iowa. The five day event began on Tuesday, May 29th with over a dozen eager collectors arriving early in hopes of getting first dibbs on that special marble. By Wednesday, in-room trading was in full swing and quickly grew to over 40 rooms of collectors. Attendance exploded on Thursday and Friday and the show was fortunate enough to balloon to over 85 in-room buying, trading and selling rooms! Several collectors with a keen eye were able to find a highly sought after marble to add to their keeper box and many dealers reported all-time record marble sales. There were several new faces in attendance throughout the week - some of which were new to the Des Moines Marble Show and some were new to marbles all together. 31 dealers reserved 40 8 foot tables to set up and offer great deals on marbles during Saturday's show. Public interest in the show appears to be growing and 5 marble collections came in off the streets during the show for identification and appraisal. The Iowa Marble Club would like to thank all those who participated and helped make this year's show a success!

Photos from the show can be seen here: http://iowamarbleclub.com/photos.html

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