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Lamp - Who did it?

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Pretty sure this is Vitro.    Edit: at least I'm sure they did some kinda lamp -- I need to pull out my Vitro book.

Hopefully someone else can confirm and talk value.  

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15 hours ago, DINDO said:

It says no value determined. There is another lamp  that has a metal globe around the top fixture but is very similar on  the same page at 1000-1400. 

Can you post a picture of the page?


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Here you go. Hope im not breaking any copyright rules.

From the book American Machine Made Marbles. Written by Dean Six , Susie Metzler , Michael Johnson. Published by Schiffer. 

 Im sure many here have this book already. A wonderful book imo. The pictures are obviously fantastic . The identification guides quite helpfull but the history accounts make this book a must have. I could start a thread just talking about the history of the American Marble Companies that ive learnt from this book.


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Thank you for the photo👍

1935 Xmas present is awesome!

I recently bought an engraved 1918 LF&C knuckle knife that was given as a Xmas present to clients in 1923, along with a hilarious letter. Love provenances.

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Did more searching, found a colbalt blue example on Pinterest that sold on eBay in 2012 for $640, only the base.

The picture shows a bale on the upper lamp, so maybe it was gifted with no shade?

Going to leave the green finial, as found.

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