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A family loss


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Scott Patrick has asked me to post this. 

It is with deep regret, that i am mourning my baby daughter Heather Lynn Patrick, death. it is very hard to say all of the things that are spinning in my head. As a father im am feeling like i have let one of my children, escape my existance.I FEEL HELPLESS, I know that there is a GOD, and i know that i am not in charge of anyones life, BUT HAD HOPED TO LONG OUTLIVE THOSE UNDER ME. at this time i hope for prayers from friends and family. i have hope for the future of my friends and family. please everyone pray for heathers baby clementine. She adored her and so do WE.... GOD BLESS EVERYONE.....SCOTTPATRICK


Scott, I am so very sorry for your loss.  There aren't any words. 

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My condolences Scott, I couldn't imagine. I have 5 kids, my oldest is 22 and youngest just turned a year.

I feel so bad for you, Idk what I'd do. You'll be in my prayers, it has to be the hardest thing anyone ever has to go thru, I hope to God I never do, man I hope I don't.

 But the fact that anyone does really sum no words to say, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers

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