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Love this place, thank you to everyone for being here. As you may suspect I'm new, both to the forum, and to collecting. I purchased an auction lot of 2000 marbles not long ago and I am just starting to have some fun. Check out this oddball cats eye that I found while sorting. Any information about odd inclusions like this one? It looks like some boogery tornado cloud like blob from very near the surface, to almost half way the center. There is no disturbance to the surface, and does not intersect the ribbon inside.

Thanks in advance for any comment and insight!

Vance Crash


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Vance I’m sorry but I can’t seem to focus on your picture - it’s a bit too close. I will say most inclusions in marbles are pieces of unmelted sand or chunks of fire brick from older furnaces. I look for such things because I like oddities - I’ll try to post a couple of pics later. 

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It looked fine here Lind, no worries - and what a nice photo it is, too, with that big chunk of debris in there. It seems like Masters had “chunkier” marbles than anyone else, maybe because of their furnace, maybe because their styles allowed you to see them? 

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