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Clearly I am still a new guy if I am thrilled by the colors in what I assume to be rather common marbles.

I have just completed sorting the lot of 2000+ marbles I picked up last month. I sorted by general colors as well as types.

Hopefully I have taken a better quality picture, and with enough variety in regard to the hemispheres being displayed. This is a beautiful milky mint green/red (dark red? Oxblood?) I would call this oxblood if speaking of fine men's shoes for sure. But as I understand, in marbles, oxbloods should contain some distinct black lines, modeling, or texture? As well, some of the blended out red that is transitioning into oranges react strongly to black light and reveal a beautifully vibrant neon salmon like pink.

So, enough of my rambling on. What say the Oracles of the orbs.

As ever I appreciate your help, and hope to be a valuable contributor one day myself.


Vance Crash


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Jabo marbles. Some Jabo can have oxblood but not these. These are red, not oxblood.  These are one cent to ten cents each at the most. Modern machine made not vintage marbles. Many times it is better to learn basic marbles then buy. Sort what you have and learn them. Then study more before spending much money until you have some idea what you are buying.  There are pictures of oxblood here and all over the internet. Once you have a good oxblood marble in hand, there is not much doubt after that.  

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