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What do you do when you're bored?

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1 hour ago, jten said:

Four dogs no time to get bored. 2 Are border collies

I have an 18-year-old cat and a 19-year-old cat. Love 'em to pieces, and they still have their entertaining moments, but usually they're asleep.  

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7 hours ago, westcoast_dave said:

lol.  that fish needs a new mate.  


I like to drink strong coffee and sort marbles when I'm bored.  But with so many marbles, I'm not often bored.  Steph, pour yourself a cup and help me finish sorting.  



I drink box wine, smoke cheap cigars, and read marble forums.

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I'm so bored I unpacked boxes that came with me when we moved in almost two years ago now! 

Found my marble books.  Cleared a shelf to put them on.


And found my dug WV swirls!  

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Haven’t found my marbles books yet. My mib displays are also packed up in the garage. Got another year before we get into the new house. Going to be an awesome XMAS opening boxes👍

Doing a local antique show in 2 weeks to get rid of a bunch of commons, Chinese checker boards, etc. trying to refine my collections to higher grade items. More quality, less volume.

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