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Good morning Everyone.  These are the marbles I picked up last weekend.  From everything else I do know about these are probably played with in the 30s or 40s.  Probably bought in the Arizona area if that matters.  I broke them down in solids and not solids, which I am sure is not correct, but again, I am trying to figure marbles out.  The solid ones seem to have a few smaller ones than the rest, is that meaningful?  Are these easily identifiable, and how can you tell?  Thanks in advance!

marble 2.jpg

marble 1.jpg

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Good morning. :) 

The solids are known as "game marbles".  Especially the smaller ones.

Used with Chinese Checkers and other board games.  They went into mass production for this purpose in the 1930s and have continued to this day.  Most marble companies made some version of those so it's usually not possible to figure out who made them.  And usually they're not considered valuable.  The exceptions are tough to explain, but also few and far between.  


Big picture please for the top group.  Don't worry about resizing ... we got a recent change and the board software will resize for you.  So far in the top picture I think I'm seeing Akro corkscrews, Peltier Rainbos, one or more slags and possibly a Vitro Tri-Lite.

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