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Des Moines Iowa Show

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Plan on going.  Chad puts on a great show.

There are many people that collect and sell marbles that do not post on chat boards.

You will find many great people at shows that are willing to share their knowledge.

It s nice for you to actually see and hold a marble to discuss and purchase (unlike online auctions).


There are two presentation venues at most shows.

During the week, people setup their marble collections and wares in their hotel room.

It is fun to walk from room to room looking for that "something special".


Then, at the end, everyone sets up in the hotel ballroom for an official show.

Fewer things are on display, but it is a nice time to say your "good byes" and make one last purchase before hitting the road home.

If you come to the KC show this weekend, you'll see many of the same faces at Des Moines.


Bring a strong flashlight (hotel rooms are dark), a magnifying lens (for old eyes) and plastic calipers to measure (metal can scratch glass).

The first show is very overwhelming. Each show gets easier as you meet people and get familiar with things.


Wishing you the best,


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I'll be there starting Wednesday night.  My first Iowa Show since my grandmother died 7 years ago.  She lived in Des Moines.

I'll have lots of marbles in original packaging for sale.  Hope to see lots of old friends there!


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