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When I put them together I thought they were all patches but know I'm not so sure.  Looks to me like the first marble may be a West Virginia swirl with all of the blue swirls on one side.  The white based pee wees are they Peerless Patches?  The other 2 I'm not even sure which color is the base.  Pee wees measure about 15/32".  Thoughts on this group? 




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Maybe Jabo on the top left. 

Maybe Akro on the bottom left.   The green ones on the bottom might turn out to be Akro also.  Or Vitro?  I'm not placing that lime shade.  Maybe Akro on the top right also.  I thought I ought to recognize the top middle ... but then I saw the small additional piece of yellow in the last photo and that was out of place on what I thought it might be. 


To ID patches, I often need to see seams.  You show a seam in the bottom left marble of the first photo.   A little off-center, and centered is better, but that's the feature I look for.  

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