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Hi All,

I've just very recently developed an interest in marbles kind of by accident.  I've been a lover of paperweights with a small collection but acquired some marbles in a mixed lot of items at an auction.  I've had them for a few years, taking them out every so often to try to identify some of them.  I just acquired more and it's amazing how daunting it is identifying them.  I see one online or in a book and think it looks familiar and start hunting through what I have only to be sidetracked by another that I think is so nice looking.  Needless to say I'm going from one shiny object to the next and not getting far as just when I think I'm making progress, it gets all mixed up again.  But it does keep me off the streets!  

I'm trying to learn how to fuse glass (easier to do) and the impossible; lampwork to create my own marbles or beads in the future.  I haven't been able to do a whole lot over the past year and hope I can get back at it soon.  I fell in love with glass when my husband and I went on a glass studio tour and watched them manipulate the molten glass into such beautiful paperweights.

So I'm looking forward to learning from what knowledge that others have to share and hope to return the same.


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Hi, Autumn.  I once checked out a paperweight site to learn more about sulphides and how they came to be named sulphide.  I like the crossing over of disciplines.  :)  

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