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New here from England U.K

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I've just joined, and I decided to dig out my old marbles... well there not very old there about 13 years old so nothing special but better than some of the modern cats eye/milky marbles that are made today. Ideally I'd like to collect old marbles from the 70's and 80's and some Victorian marbles too and clay marbles but they are so expensive, plus I have noticed a lot of ebay sellers are  passing off modern marbles as "vintage" marbles. I searched a few charity shops and found a few bags of marbles which look early 90's and they are all different so I was quiet chuffed with that.

I do also have thousands of modern marbles that I bought in a moment of madness because I wanted a large collection of them but its not a good collection when a lot of the modern marbles all look the same, they were cheap and I bought 20 bags of them each bag contained 100 marbles so I have a lot of them.

I'm hoping to build up a decent collection tho rather than quantity.



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Hi!  Welcome.  "Modern" marbles are getting older and older all the time, eh?  If you buy what you like now then in 30 years you might have some which are hard to replace.  

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Your right, modern marbles are getting older but there's nothing quite like a collection of Vintage marbles from the 70's and 80's I grew up in the 90's and there were a lot of 70's and 80's marbles about I remember kids trading them when I was at school and marble games in the playground. I can't really feel much of a connection with modern marbles.

I will get my ideal collection very soon, I've already got some 90's marbles to kick start my collection.

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