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West Virginia Swirls...

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I found some swirls this weekend.  Probably common, but a little different than what I've been finding.  Here goes nothing...

1. Cairo

2. Heaton

3. Ravenswood

4. Alley

5. Alley

6. Alley

Or they could all be Alley....😀









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#1 Cairo or Alley with the S pattern.  Later St.Marys location Alleys can also have same C or S patterns as Cairo. With these colors and well defined edges, I would put it with Alley

#2  Ravenswood. More dull or faded red and blue. 

#3 Champion.   Copy of Alley. These can have a more red swirl or bright orange swirl. But the pattern does not vary a whole lot. 

#4 Alley with those wavy tips.

#5 Alley. Looks like the blue was running out.

#6 Alley. Typical hooks and curves going to a point. 

You did very well. 


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