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How would you suggest Marble manufactures could Increase productivity and profit?

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I am relatively new to the Marble world but I played with cat eyes as a young boy and well you know how the story goes. I recently began purchasing Marbles and have found Jabo marbles to be the honey of my eyes. I was sitting around and watching how people purchase marbles for collecting purposes and was thinking of other uses for marbles. I very much like the idea of a jabo Marble slab to be used for home decorations of top end homes. Instead of a granite kitchen top you could get one made with the colors of your choice, How about a marble lined swimming pool? Add some glow under blacklight Marbles to accentuate certain features of the pool at night? Sell Internationally, I simply feel that the marble business could be greatly stimulated by it's use in Housing and other applications. What do you think?

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Over a decade ago, I supplied a large amount of marbles to a builder whose client wanted them in a custom kitchen countertop.  It has been done - no problem with supply.

Owning a swimming pool - you don't want anything but a smooth, continuous pool surface.  It would make cleaning a giant pain.  Especially in Spring and the height of summer temps.



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The problem with a counter top made from marbles isn't the cost or availability of the marbles them selves but the epoxy you suspend them in. Nice clear epoxy is expensive. There are ways other than epoxy but it is the best option in my opinion.

If you're talking about melting a bunch of marbles together in a mould you then have the problem of needing to make all those custom moulds and the ovens they go in, essentially setting up a whole factory just to make some really gaudy, expensive, and fragile counter tops which couldn't compete on any level with a composite counter top which could achieve the same look without the downside of fragility.

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