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3 miles!

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I'm bragging about this everywhere!  To hubby who is still trying to sleep, in email to my brother, on facebook, here, ....  ^_^ 

I ran three miles!   For the first time!  My previous best distance was 1.6 miles.

Not very fast ... but it turns out from looking at a 5K run website, I'm right in the middle of the pack for the average time a woman of my age would run that distance.  

So now I have a "personal best" to compete against and I'm so proud of me!

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I did 3 miles one more time.  Did 1.8 miles a couple of times.   

Am sitting out for the winter.  Am tired from work right now but am looking around for safe exercise options where I don't have to worry about falls.

Will be back on the road after the thaw. 


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