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Happy Akro Friday 

Happy akro Friday. Here are some  from my collection 

Happy Akro Friday.  Nice ones everyone  Flat sides on the first almost a dice lol I like the black line in the second one  

Posted Images

"Thanks Tommy"

The light isn't bad for a "Harbor Freight Product" I usually go there when a "one & done" application is needed. "WOW" that was weird, I posted this right after you uv. flashlight comment and it jumped to here in front of the slag post ?? Oh yeah!! "HAPPY AKRO FRIDAY EVERYONE"

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I might make it till midnight tonight. holding out for 2 mibs, sad but true. "Happy" (almost) Akro Friday. I do believe I skipped last week & maybe the week after that Oop !! Well we'll fix that.... :character-smileys-238:

Ah !! made it. One from an old post & one new one. The first I had to take  bit better pix of the second is only the third one I have with actual black in it. " HAPPY AKRO FRIDAY"

 An Akro cork with a transparent orange base



A Special w/ a Creamy tannish base & yellow and black streams

                                                                                           Good Night  :party-243:


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Man, we all missed Akro Friday !! I can't believe it, oh well better late tan never I guess ??

One of the shelves in my new wall mount, mostly Akro, some oxblood Akro ware a couple supermen, some milkies, limeade patch etc.... you get the idea. Scored some really nice Akro ware pieces yesterday I can't wait to share next week same bat place same bat channel.


Watch for the Akro-bat  :lol2:



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3 hours ago, Chad G. said:

Man, we all missed Akro Friday !! I can't believe it, oh well better late tan never I guess ??

I am digging that Vitro with the purple, front and center - where it belongs!

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