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Happy Akro Friday 

Happy akro Friday. Here are some  from my collection 

Happy Akro Friday.  Nice ones everyone  Flat sides on the first almost a dice lol I like the black line in the second one  

Posted Images

1 hour ago, Ric said:

Those do look great backlit, Jess - I like bubbles! I back light almost every marble I come across - you never know what you might find inside. And some marbles, like the one I showed, are downright sad without it.

Thank you, me too! 
And good practice on back lighting all  :thup:

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3 hours ago, disco005 said:

All beauties! I especially like these two, they look unusual.
Thank you for sharing

Happy Akro Friday! :confetti:


The middle one is a 3 color special all opaque and the other left of center on the bottom is a blue egg yolk ace cork, you can barely see the ace base glass tracing under the yellow,. There's an egg yolk ace swirl second to the right of it. If I turned it on it's side you would recognize it immediately. " Thanks for the likes Jess "  A little confetti for you also on this "Akro Friday"  :party-243:  Well it looks kinda like confetti !!

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Only one I have like it. I sold all my 4 and 5 color corks, not a real big Akro collector but I like certain ones and end up hanging on to them, they kind of find their way into your collection if you know what I mean. "Thanks Jess"  :D  back at ya.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chad G.

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2 hours ago, disco005 said:

An early one :lol:  I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

This is my new favorite, I like that tail in the second photo, the Periwinkle trailing up over the Green on the right side of the photo.


Periwinkle on translucent Green.jpg

Periwinkle favorite.jpg

Looks like the multiple direction lighting worked well for you Jess :thup:  My friend is giving me his old point and shoot with macro, we'll see, free is good !!

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Oop's I'm 30 mins. late, this one has what looks like a scratch in the middle of the first picture but it's actually a trail of micro air bubbles that follow the glass flow all the way to the other end of the cork right down the center.



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Thanks guys! 
Free is the best price Chad ^_^ can't wait to see more photos!
Love the lashes on the Yellow and Red cork, and the UV patch, outstanding, and great capture on the trail of micro bubbles down through the center of that Onyx.

That last mib posted, I have one just like it, yours is the only other one I've seen, so cool!

Macro Inky Blue Red.jpg

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I got a large marble collection from a local woman who had collected for many years. She must have liked pinks, purples, lavenders, and pastel colors in general because I found a lot off those kind of colors in her collection. This is one of them.


Are these colors less common?


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